What Makes a Room Qualify As a Bedroom?

Ever been in a house and thought, “There is no way this can actually be considered a bedroom?!”

What Makes a Room Qualify As a Bedroom?

Video Transcription:

Think that you know what makes a room qualify to be a bedroom? The answer may surprise you. Hi there. I’m Stephanie Carter of The Monarch Team at Keller Williams. And contrary to popular belief a bedroom doesn’t actually have to have a closet. There are actually three requirements that make a room qualify to be considered a bedroom.

The first is, it has to be a minimum of 70 square feet and seven feet when measured in any direction in the room. The second is, it has to have a ceiling height of at least seven feet as well. If there is a slope in the ceiling, 50% of it at least has to measure seven feet high.

And the last, the emergency exit, of course. The window. So, I hope that helps and if you have any questions, tips or tricks, just let us know. Have a great day.

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