Should I Use A Different Real Estate Agent to Show Me Houses?

It happens often that people will meet a Realtor in an open house when they are looking at homes. there is even the case of simply knowing someone that is a real estate agent and wanting to “help them” by seeing houses.

But can you have more than one agent working for you at the same time?

The answer is a little tricky because it kind of depends. It is possible but not likely. Some Realtors have Showing Agents that show the home and then they take over with the contracts and negotiating. This is generally the only time you would have 2 different agents…meaning you wouldn’t use one from one company and then change to another one when you find the house. Agents only get paid (again, unless as part of a team) when they house is sold. Showing houses and negotiations are not paid.


Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Ashley. I want to use you to buy a house, but I went to an Open House and met the cutest little realtor girl. She’s new and I want to help her by having her show me houses. Is that something that I can do?

Hi there Ashley, it’s Stephanie Carter of The Monarch Team at Keller Williams and this is probably one of the most questions that realtors tend to forget, not everybody knows. Generally speaking, you only work with one realtor in an agreement at a time because we only get paid when you buy a house. We don’t get paid for showings and we don’t get paid for negotiating. So, unless she is a staffed employee, it’s not going to help her. You can help her, however, by sending me her information because we are always looking for wonderful people to add to our team… because we love what we do and you will too!

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