What is the Difference Between Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification?

Learn how to best position yourself to buy a home in competitive situation. Video Transcription: Are you confused about the difference between a pre-qualification, and a pre-approval letter? Hi there. I’m Stephanie carter of the Monarch team at Keller Williams. The easiest way to describe the difference between the two is if you were shopping … Continued

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Agent to Buy a Home?

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will have so hiring a professional is super important. The best part is, it is FREE when you are buying a home. Video Transcription: Hi, it’s Bethany again, and I wanna use an agent when I buy my house, but I’m afraid it’s too … Continued

What Makes a Room Qualify As a Bedroom?

Ever been in a house and thought, “There is no way this can actually be considered a bedroom?!” Video Transcription: Think that you know what makes a room qualify to be a bedroom? The answer may surprise you. Hi there. I’m Stephanie Carter of The Monarch Team at Keller Williams. And contrary to popular belief … Continued

The Most Common Credit Mistake People Make

Many people make a HUGE mistake with credit because it seems like it would be a good thing but it really is a BAD thing…like really bad. People that don’t have credit problems even make this mistake. Video Transcription: Hi, it’s Bethany again and my friends are saying if I were to buy a house, … Continued

What is Mortgage Insurance and Who Pays it?

Understanding what mortgage insurance is can be confusing. Is it the same as homeowners insurance? Is it part of your payment? When do you pay it? Does it ever get paid off? Join us as we answer Bethany’s questions and learn how to best prepare when buying a home! Mortgage insurance is paid if you … Continued

Is the Sellers Market About to Change to a Buyers Market?

A buyers market is an economic situation in which goods or shares are plentiful and buyers can keep prices down. January marked the reversal of a longstanding trend in the housing market – a modest annual gain in for-sale inventory last month means that for the first time in at least a half decade, the … Continued

What Debt You Need To Pay To Buy a House

If you want to buy a house then it’s a good idea to know what lenders want to see when when they look at your credit. There are tricks you can follow that will make your credit score skyrocket and most people don’t know it exists. Video Transcription: Hi, it’s Bethany again and I’m wondering … Continued

First Steps to Take When Selling Your Home

Learn what to do when selling your home, what you can do ahead of time before calling a realtor. Video Transcription: Hello, I’m Sara. I’m planned to sell my house the next couple of months and wondering what should I be doing before I call a realtor. Something that doesn’t cost a fortune, please. Thank … Continued